Winnie works as scenographer since 2014.

Since her studies in fine Arts at University of Arts Berlin, with main focus on space & surrounding space, she creates narrative spaces for Theater, Film and Virtual Reality.


In may 17 she got invited to Theater&Netz Vol. 5, to talk about new formats in performing arts. In october 17 she spoke about Virtual Reality as isolating technology in the context of the get-together of performing arts (PAP).

2016 she co-founded the label trix, which got honored with the title "Kultur- und Kreativpiloten" by the german government. Under the label artists create multisensory, mixed reality Installations. The productions take place between physical and virtual reality. As an example, trix recreated an iraqi courtyard for the photogrammetry experience by NowHere Media, which premiered at the Venice 75th International Film Festival in 2018.

Since 2019 she's located at the workshop area Zur alten Börse in Marzahn, Berlin.


2013-2018 Study of fine arts, Universität der Künste, Master student with Prof. Ina Weber

2015-2016 Study of political science & sociology

2011-2013 Study of photography & motion design, BtK Berlin